About us

The company Anpe Transport was founded in 2018 in Athens with the aim of international road transport between Greece and Turkey. After 5 years of continuous development and growth, the company expanded its operations to the countries of Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, and North Macedonia, and today it holds a leading position in the transportation sector.

We provide a wide range of services to our clients, offering targeted solutions for the management and distribution of goods and cargoes in Greece, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, North Macedonia, as well as within Greece, while adhering to necessary quality and safety specifications.

The distribution of goods is carried out with our own fleet, which consists of modern vehicles, including trucks and specially equipped vehicles with experienced and trained drivers. For short-term storage of cargoes, we have three modern storage facilities in Athens, Thessaloniki, and Istanbul.

Our priority is to invest in personnel, infrastructure, and technology to provide the best services to every client who entrusts us.

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